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  • Joe Aki Ouye

Over 100 Viewers for "Recognition and Healing: Two Artists in Conversation

There were over 100 viewers of our program, "Recognition and Healing: Two Artists in Conversation." Their responses make all our efforts in preparing for this program worthwhile and validates my direction with my art. Here are some of the comments:

"It was eye opening sharing this sad moment in history with repercussions lasting a lifetime."

"This is so moving, and such a powerful mix of painful & sad recollection combined with beautiful art, presentation, commemoration, and reflection of then and today."

"These presentations were wonderful, both the stories and the art."

"Such depth and art! I feel the stories, the humanity. So movingly told."

"What an enormous gift it is to listen to you, to see your art and to feel into the great significance of all that you are speaking for your selves and for your family and others of Japanese heritage. It is a precious gift to us."

"I have gained a depth of understanding and empathy of what you both, personally, and your families and their friends, have experienced over the course of your lifetimes. Your art is superb, each piece meaningful, each a glimpse of so much. This webinar I believe has provided a beautiful way to put voices to the art, and I hope this vision of awareness and understanding spreads and has positive impact, as both of you hope."

If you missed the program, you can still watch it on youtube with this link:

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